Actiwoo is a mobile activity tracking platform that was created with the aim of solving one big problem which plagues the global population – the lack of physical activity. Actiwoo is a social activity platform that encourages and motivates people to lead a physically active lifestyle. As we all grew up from being kids, somewhere along the line we have left our physically active selves and are prone to leading sedentary lifestyles Main motto is, you walk the talk by “Staying Active” and then you “Woo” others to be active.




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Cloud AWS


Stripe, Twillio

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Based on client’s requirement, keeping security and future growth of users in mind Actiwoo proposed solution to make this mobile application for customer who are in use of fitness platform, where customers can do the following:
⦁ TRACK – Track your fitness activity using our mobile app.
⦁ BUILD YOUR NETWORK – Add friends, create groups with them and enjoy instant messaging.
⦁ FEEDS – Automatically share your activities with your friends to motivate them.

Actiwoo uses GPS for tracking and recording your activities which is enabled for all then smart mobiles. While all notifications get to work as best as it possibly can on all phones, there can be many devices specific settings that are local and need to be made by the end user.

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